"Be able to use your left brain and your right brain. It's not just about KPIs, but also about customer experience."

- Jeremy A Roberts

I am a Strategic Value Advisor for Adobe, CEO of Left Brain + Right Brain, Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Texas A&M San Antonio, AnalyticsTODAY Podcast co-host, non-profit Board Member, and am actively pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration at UIW focused on digital transformation strategy.


Today, at Adobe, I help companies explore their path to digital transformation and helps them understand how marketing technology products, solutions, and platforms can benefit their digital transformation efforts and help to empower their teams and achieve their overall digital-related goals. At Left Brain + Right Brain, our mission is to empower companies seeking growth in new markets using data-driven lean methods to achieve a realistic, timely, and quantifiable return on investment. At Texas A&M SA, I teach digital marketing courses to both the graduate and undergraduate schools and my goal is to prepare students for success on their first day. At AnalyticsTODAY Podcast, I co-host a popular marketing and analytics podcast discussing topics on the latest trends in the digital and marketing world.


In the community, I sit on several non-profit Boards including the American Red Cross, and focus my efforts to support the San Antonio community through my own 3 pillars of focus: education, youth empowerment, and community aide. I follow these 3 pillars as my mantra to supporting the City of San Antonio and its people.




Strategic Value Advisor

I work with customer executives to support conversations around thought leadership, strategic solution advice, and expert consultation on value management to support customer co-innovation, digital transformation, and business process performance improvement.


I deliver strategic recommendations and roadmaps that align to and drive the customer’s business objectives while guiding them through the transformation of their marketing and their organization based on Adobe best practices.


Adjunct Professor of Marketing

I teach Digital Marketing to MBA students in the School of Business. This course provides the student a strategic understanding of digital marketing and how to effectively build and manage a digital marketing practice.


It will also provide a framework for developing marketing strategies in digital environments and an understanding of where marketing acts as the driving force of your business. We will discover the intersection of tactical and strategic digital marketing and how to navigate the digital marketing world so that the students are ready to take on any challenge.


By the end of the course, they will be able to walk into any company with an online presence and improve their digital marketing practice and become the inspirational marketing leader at their organization.


Chief Executive Officer

Left Brain + Right Brain is a strategic go-to-market consultancy that brings together the best talent in business development, strategy, digital marketing, and IT to empower local and international businesses seeking to penetrate new markets. 


We follow the principles of data, analytics, research, and digital transformation to build custom go-to-market solutions that drive timely, measurable, and realistic results for our clients. We believe in integrating science with art, numbers with facts, and quantitative with qualitative data to achieve success.


Whether it’s building out demand generation engines to drive new customers, launching a new product from 0 customers to its first 50 customers, or helping international companies penetrate the US market, we develop lean go-to-market plans to bring it all to fruition with ease.


Board of Directors, Mission Committee Chair

I am an active Board Member of the Greater San Antonio Chapter of the American Red Cross serving all counties from Laredo, TX up through New Braunfels, TX. I am also the Mission Committee Chair.


Candidate for Doctor of Business Administration

I am a Doctoral student at UIW, earning my DBA with a focus on Digital Transformation.

My podcast.

#AnalyticsToday is a weekly podcast series focused on big data and analytics and the latest trends in digital world.


The podcast is hosted by me and my co-host Sameer Khan. Together Sameer and I use a conversational style of podcast to educate and support technology digital marketers and analytics professionals.

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